About the artist

Photo of the artist, Ozz (Osvaldo Napoli)

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Ozzie migrated to Toronto in 1975 and currently resides in Richmond Hill, Ontario. He attended Toronto’s Ontario College of Art & Design in the 1980’s and also took art courses at Central Technical School. He was also mentored by friend and renowned Canadian artist, Sorel Etrog, who was a creative inspiration for three decades. Ozzie is mainly self taught and expresses himself through sculpture and painting, and combinations of both disciplines. He is attracted to the three dimensional world and the beauty of the human form, as well as the social condition which gives him an infinite amount of material to work with.

Artist Statement

The inspiration behind all of my work is people in general and the intricacies of social behaviour. I’m fascinated by the complexity of the human mind and the mysteries about how we each perceive reality. I am particularly interested in the superficialities that can be presented and at the same time, considering what else might be there beyond appearances. I use art as a platform to communicate with the world and examine the humanity within us.  –  Osvaldo Napoli